Macklemore smiles at you, appreciatively. Thank you! He says. You made the right choice in saying you liked it. I appreciate your compliment He then starts talking about how the other day he was just walking along the road when all of a suddA parallel universe, also known as a parallel dimension, alternate universe or alternate reality, is a hypothetical self-contained plane of existence, co-existing with one's own. The sum of all potential parallel universes that constitute reality is often called a multiverse. While the three terms are generally synonymous and can be used interchangeably in most cases, there is sometimes an additional connotation implied with the term "alternate universe/reality" that implies that the reality is a variant of our own, with some overlap with the similarly-named alternate history. The term "parallel universe" is more general, without implying a relationship, or lack of relationship, with our own universe. A universe where the very laws of nature are different – for example, one in which there are no Laws of Motion – would in general count as a parallel universe but not an alternative reality and a concept between both fantasy world and earth.

What if we were there?

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What the hell is wrong with you?

what are you doing down here?
go back up. Stop looking in places you don't belong.