Macklemore isn't happy with that.


Macklemore normally expressionless face frowns down at you, angrily. "Really, dude? Really? After everything I've done for gay rights?" You look at him really closely. He's beginning to look...different? "Macklemore? Are you ok?" He doesn't listen. He's had enough of this. "I have done SO MUCH for everyone and what do I get? Nothing? You don't like my rap? No. No. False. Fake. You aren't [INSERT NAME HERE]. The [INSERT NAME HERE] I know would never do this. This is sickening. Disgusting. Revolting. Unbelievable. I just don't understand why you would think that after everything I've done for you? Don't you remember that time I helped you file your taxes? I did so much for you. We were friends. And now you won't even like my rap? My rap? My rap I worked so hard on? It took me so long to get every single line to sound absolutely perfect and have 10,000 different meanings so that one day an AP Literature teacher would have an entire unit DEDICATED to understanding the sheer depth of my rap. I even named it after you. It's listed on the album as 'Ballad for [INSERT NAME HERE] and you do this? you say you dont like it? I'm seriously disgusted. I've had it up to here with your behaviour. It's unacceptable to just tear your friends down. We're so close. Or I guess we WERE so close. Since you value your 'logics and opinions' more than you value OUR friendship. I'm seriously so sick. I think I'm gonna be sick. I'm not even sad, I'm just so disappointed. Your tastes should be better than that. Did you not realize the 20 similes that I hid in a single line? The personification I used in the chorus? The 30 times I said the f word? All of it was for you. I dedicated all of this to you." He's beginning to rage. you don't know what to do. You aren't sure what you should do anymore. You're a little scared of how he's acting. You should've just said you liked his stupid rap. You've pretended all of his other raps are good, why couldn't you just say this one was good too? Let him live the rest of his life pretending that he's a good rapper. You couldn't just given him that one thing, but you ruined it. But Macklemore isn't done. He's still raging. "You. You. You.

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